What I Am 150 Tiny Paintings To Fund Roots

Hello lovely friends! I am Sending out a quick update about the 2016 path!  I have taken a brief departure from the portrait paintings of the Women Activists and embarked on a season of tiny personal paintings created to fund the final leg of the Roots To Resistance Project. ‘What I Am’ is a loosely woven tale of a Woodswalking Artist in tiny words, paintings and photographs, and it was created because I did not want to hold another traditional fundraiser. Instead I am using my Artistic efforts to support what will be the final and 12th Portrait, of recently slain Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres.


We were devastated to learn of the murder of Berta Cáceres  in March of this year.  We had originally reached out to her organization in late 2015 about painting her Portrait and creating a Postcard Campaign in her own words and design. We were never able to complete that aim but intend to carry forward with that Portrait and Partnership in honor of the profound force of life that she was and is.


So this in fact will be the final Portrait for Roots To Resistance. We have had many thoughts and many intentions along the way for the future of this project, some of which included a lifetime of Portraits and Activists, a project with no end, a cross country Bus Tour, and international showings. The list of Activists originally chosen has changed, transformed and grown as the times have dictated, some of our aims have been met and others have fallen short. We have raised money for some amazing Women and Organizations along the way, spread some information, raised issues and stated our cases to the likes of Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and the UN. We partnered with our local Peace Pagoda in 2015 outfitting the marchers with thousands of Postcards demanding an end to all Nuclear Arms, which they handed out on their long walk from Massachusetts to Washington DC. The project has had a good run and now we feel we want to offer more to the Women than the ongoing project can provide. We want to offer them funds to be used in their own Communities in the ways they see fit. With this goal in mind all 12 of the completed 8 foot high Portraits will be Auctioned off in 2017 with half of the proceeds going to each of the Women or the Organizations they were affiliated with.

immortal gardener.jpg

That is the update folks! Lots of tiny paintings of creatures, bones and underearth worlds, as well as amusing narratives of my anxious childhood brain, all on display  August 26th 27th and 28th at the APE Gallery in downtown Northampton Massachusetts. The paintings will be small and profoundly affordable and all proceeds will be used to take Roots To Resistance to the finish line. Much love and gratitude to you all for your generosity and support.

For more on the What I Am show



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