Roots To Resistance is a Public Art project which is sharing the stories, voices, and critically important work of 12 Women Activists, with people and Communities across the entire Globe using: large scale painted portraits, Global Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns and traveling Community installations and Performances.

The project brings voice and visibility to these Women as well as inspiration and the opportunity for people to become engaged citizens in their own communities. The Portraits represent the Women themselves and a sense of the intensity, connection, strength and deep emotional space that it requires for them to do the resistance work they do.

As for the printed Global Campaigns, there is something that happens when you put up a poster of one of these women in your Community or send a postcard of their work out into the world. What happens is that in a small but profoundly important way you have sent your voice, opinion, action out into the world to connect with others. This is the most important goal and hope for the Roots to Resistance project; not to change the whole world but to use the stories of these women to connect us all to this planet, to it and to each other, which will I hope WILL change the world.

What Roots To Resistance Has Done

Completed the first five Portraits of Natalia Estemirova, Malalai Joya, Chouchou Namegabe, The Zapatista Women and Rebecca Gomperts, and placed them in Community spaces where people from all walks of life can connect locally with the greater Global World.

Built partnerships with 75 Community and Non Profit Organizations across the Globe.

Created five Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns featuring the work and words of Women in the five completed Portraits.

Printed and sent tens of thousands of  the completed Posters and Postcards across the Planet via our 75 Partner Organizations.

Partnered with many amazing people and Organizations: A Community Peace Organization in Afghanistan, an elementary school in Oregon, a Women’s Farming Collective in Mexico, a small Reproductive Rights group on the island of Fiji, and many more who have helped us raise the profiles and voices of these profoundly important Women.

The 12 Women of Roots To Resistance:

Natalia EstemirovaChechnya-Human Rights Journalist                                                  Malalai Joya-Afghanistan-Peace/Women’s Rights Activist                                       Chouchou Namegabe-DR Congo-Journalist reporting sexual violence               Zapatista Women-Mexico-Indigenous/Environmental Rights Activists                 Rebecca Gomperts-Netherlands-Reproductive Rights Activist                                  Aung San Suu Kyi-Burma-Democracy/Peace/Human Rights Activist                              Maria Gunnoe-U.S-Environmental Activist resisting Mountaintop mining               Dita Indah Sari-Indonesia-Labor/Democracy/Human Rights Activist                           Marina Silva-Brazil-Environmental Activist protecting the Amazon                           Yvonne Margarula-Australia-Aboriginal/Environmental Rights Activist                  Vandana Shiva-India-Ecofeminist/Seed Saver/Earth Champion                                      Wangari Maathai-Kenya-Treeplanter/Environmental/Justice Activist

For more information on Roots To Resistance please visit: www.denisebeaudet.com



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