Birth Of The New Roots To Resistance Blog!

Hello and WELCOME to the new Roots To Resistance Blog!

Roots To Resistance is a project of Public Art, Activism and Global Connections. Roots To Resistance is sharing the stories, voices, and critically important work of 12 International Women Activists, with people and Communities across the entire Globe using: large scale painted portraits, Global Postcard and Postering Campaigns and traveling Community installations and Performances. We are linked with over 80 International Organizations which partner with us to spread the words and materials of the Roots Project.

If you are not familiar with this project please visit our website: to learn more about the Art and about the 12 amazing Women Activists we are portraying.

The Roots To Resistance Blog has been created so that we can share the ongoing work, challenges, campaigns and triumphs of the Women Activists of Roots To Resistance. The blog will also be used to spread the news of and create connections between our more than 80 Partner Organizations which are located across the Globe.

The blog will also seek to explain and describe the internal landscape of my experiences as an Artist, Researcher and Activist. To share with you the everyday actions, intimacies,  and lovely connectivity involved in the Painting of these 8 foot Portraits of 12 Amazing Women and the creation of the Postcards and Street Posters that support their work and the aims of this project> Engaging, Connecting and Empowering Global Communities.

This blog will be written and used with our busy lives in mind. The entries will be short, inspiring, easy to read/browse and not a platform for me to prattle:) Connection, Inspiration and Engagement will be the goals of the Roots Blog, stay tuned for my first real update in the coming days!

Sincerely Denise Beaudet/Roots To Resistance