Human, Again

Today’s Blog by Syrian Journalist Razan Ghazzawi. This is about more than facts and accounts, it is about emotional spaces entered into in Revolutions, Uprisings, Resistance Movements. Gratitude to Razan.

Exiled Razan رزان في المنفى

I am sitting in my office, on the ground – we don’t sit on chairs around here.

I am sitting in my office. My freaking office, that took me months to get. It took me months to get my close circle here take my work and believes on children rights seriously. It took me six months to get where I am today.

I am sitting in this office and feeling down. Very. I’ve been talking to my friends in another city telling them that I am moving in to where they are. I don’t think I can live here any longer.

I am tired. I can’t cry with someone here. I can’t speak my mind at all, with someone here.

I was talking to another female blogger living in the liberated part of her city- what she’s facing is the same as I am here.

It’s war and it’s a…

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